Discover the brand new Kid O Myland toys

We love the term “toddler tech”! Because that is exactly what the Kid O* Myland range offers — intuitive technology for curious young kids.

With no need for written instructions, Myland products give your child a natural, accessible and organic experience that encourages open-ended play using imagination, exploration and storytelling.

Put simply — it’s all about hands-on discovery! The Tiger Tribe team have been playing with these products extensively and we recommend you just hand your child the toy and watch what they come up with! They’ll be gently challenged and inspired by what they discover. All the while developing an early understanding of cause and effect, action/reaction and basic reasoning.

For each piece the character is the key. It turns the toy on and off so there’s no need for an on/off switch. Using simple color matching the character’s reveal the sound and light features engineered into the toy. Through trial and error, experimentation and active play your child learns how the toy behaves. Different movements and actions make different noises. The large pieces are designed to be easy for small hands to hold. The toy will turn itself off automatically after a period of inactivity, saving the battery for future play. All products suitable for 2+.

Check out these brand new additions to the Kid O* Myland range:

To discover more about how these awesome toys work — check out this video with Kid O founder and CEO Lisa Mahar.

*For 7 years Tiger Tribe has exclusively distributed award winning Kid O* products in Australia. 

We like to think its a meeting of like minds! Kid O is a world leader in modern educational toys that are designed to delight and engineered to endure. Toys with open-ended play that engage young minds, set imaginations free and celebrate a childs innate brilliance.

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