A Retro School Holidays

School holidays are a great time to recharge, unplug and reconnect. Keep it simple, tap into your own memories, go old-school. And feel the balance restore…


I have a very clear plan for the upcoming school holidays.
We are going to go retro. And I’m hoping it will take the pressure down for everyone involved.
Screens will be limited to cheesy morning cartoons and family movie nights. Play will be outside (unless it’s raining) and to the most part away from parental prying eyes.
Bikes will be ridden, sprinklers will be jumped over, sandwiches and Milo will be on the special’s board.
I will chat with my neighbours, we will drink chardonnay on the front porch. The kids will run freely between the houses on the street.

They will play and without the interruption of constant praise. Their games will flow without my input.
Three meals will be eaten a day and the kids will survive without the help of a nutritionalist + snack slave. The fruit bowl will be stocked; they know where it is.
There will be a bbq chook on the table most nights and the adults will pick the evening TV shows.
There will be no pressure to enjoy every second of the kids being little; they don’t need an adoring audience at all times. They are people, not theatre. Mindfulness be gone. My mind will wander wherever it wants to without guilt.
This school holidays we will be restoring the balance – and it will be glorious. 
                                                                                                                                      xoxo Babs 
Barbara O'Reilly, AKA Babs, is a blogger, writer, trash TV watcher and an Instagram addicted shutterbug.
She lives with her almost-hubby and two kids in a beach side suburb on the east coast of Australia. Patchwork Cactus is her gorgeous blog, where she talks about making, baking, parenting and living a happy beachside life. 
Babs is also the Digital Editor at CHILD Mags. You can find more here >>>

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