Double Digits - What it Really Means

From humble beginnings 10 years ago.

To double digits!

Do you remember what it felt like to finally turn ten years old? Double digits, end of your first decade on the planet, top of your game, happy, confident and ready to take on the world. Long before the word “tween” existed…. you knew you were something bigger and more advanced than a child, if not yet a teenager.

"Always seek adventure."

Looking back, turning 10 seems like the perfect sweet point from childhood! You were starting to get really good at the physical things you liked to do, whether that was football, netball, dancing or swimming. Suddenly balance and strength were working for you. The fine motor skills were also pretty sorted, they even gave you a pen licence at school to prove it.  Colouring inside the lines was possible and playing a musical instrument… yeah, well that still sounded pretty bad!

"Never be discouraged by the mistakes that you make."

Language skills were developing in leaps and bounds. You might recall the sudden sense of achievement when grown ups started listening, really listening to your thoughts and ideas. Reading interesting chapter books blew your mind… or maybe you discovered comics? Your imagination was big and you spent a lot of time dreaming about stuff. Friendships started to become more fun and more intense with play dates filled with adventure, confidences and laughter. Your peer group started to influence your sense of identity. BFFs became a thing. Turning ten was sooooo exciting.

"Imagination is a great gift."

Yep, being 10 was special.

Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group) wrote a letter to his 10-year-old self. It’s a wonderful and inspiring read, not only capturing the essence of a 10 year old child, but also managing to translate all that wonder and energy into some key pieces of advise for adult types. Thanks for the awesome quotes Richard! To read the full letter click here.

"Find your passions and go out there and grab at them with both hands."

This is exactly how it feels to be celebrating 10 years in business! We feel like we are really hitting our stride in a world full of possibilities and adventures. We don’t want to stop dreaming and creating. We feel very fortunate to have found our passion. And we're doing our best to tap into our inner 10 year old every day.

Team TT at our 10th Birthday Party! Yay!



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