Music to our ears — Kinderling Radio for Kids!

Have you tuned into Kinderling Radio? If you have kids under 8 years of age then do yourself a favour and get listening.
Our very own Ant and Naomi Green recently caught up with Shevonne Hunt on her Conversation program on Kinderling radio. Helping to celebrate Kinderling’s Screen Free Challenge month, Naomi and Ant chatted about all things Tiger Tribe — our inspiration for products, their design and why screen alternatives are important. Tune into the podcast here!
As part of Screen Free month, Kinderling Conversation will be challenging its listeners to unplug once a week and share family moments the old-fashioned way. Tune in for weekly tips for exploring fun and creative ways to connect as a family. 
Kinderling is Australia’s most popular and award winning kids’ radio station, playing family-friendly music and shows for children aged 0-7 and parents. Founded by a group of passionate parents, the station aims to introduce children to a fun, fabulous world of music, stories and creative expression. You can listen on digital radio, app and online.
Born in early 2015, Kinderling won the award for Best Digital Radio Format at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards in 2016. Kinderling shows and playlists are designed to complement the daily family routine. Mornings kick-off with happy, upbeat tunes with Start Your Engines, followed by playful, educational songs with Play & Learn. Later in the day, Settle Petal plays gentler tunes and stories, perfect for winding down with meals, bath and prepping for bed. Then it's bedtime with Sleepy Soundtracks, a nightly mix of lullabies.



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