When my girls were younger, I had this fantasy at the beginning of EVERY summer school holidays — about all the things we were going to do before the end of summer. Endless balmy days stretching out before us, ready to be filled with fun, adventures and new experiences. But all those ideas were in my head and the usual routines always got in the way. Summer went past too quickly and we hadn’t done half the things we said we were going to do.
Here at Tiger Tribe we believe it’s important to take time for the things you enjoy in life — doing the stuff that makes you feel energised and relaxed at the same time. A summer bucket list is not about the big life things (travel to Paris, climb Mt Everest) it’s about the simple things, the breathing in life things, the unplugged things, the making memories things. A summer bucket list is the perfect way to stimulate wonder and curiosity and FUN in your kids. And make sure those things you are always thinking about happen.
So this is our Unplugged Summer Bucket List. The one I should have made 10 years ago. There is a free printable version at the end of the post, so you can hang it on the fridge and work your way through it with your kids. Or sit down with them and create your own list! We’d love to see all the beautiful memories you are creating, so share your summer stories on socials with us by using #TTsummerbucketlist
Fly a Kite
Take full advantage of the mind/body benefits of spending time in nature. Head to the nearest open space, feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and watch your kite dance around at the end of the string.
Watch a Sunset
The great thing about sunsets is that there is one every day! Find a spot where you can see the horizon. Bring a blanket if it’s cool and watch the sky change colours as the sun sets slowly. Clear your thoughts and connect with your surroundings.
Build a Sandcastle
Woo hoo! It’s a beach day. Building a sandcastle is a great family group activity and a summer rite of passage, with everyone working together to create a fabulous sand structure. Collect seashells, rocks, leaves and driftwood to decorate.
Have a Water Fight
Summer is all about spontaneity and FUN! There is something undeniably exciting about being soaked with cold water. And what’s even better? Soaking someone else! Go hi-tech with super soakers or keep it simple… buckets, plastic containers and kitchen sponges are just as much fun.
Play Mini Golf
When was the last time you played a good old-fashioned round of mini golf? Gather the kids and get out amongst it. A bit of competition and loads of laughs. Image sourced: A Maze'N Things, Phillip Island.
Perfect the Hair-Flip Pic
Summer is about making memories so be sure to take heaps of photos of your adventures. And while you are at it, see if you can nail this mermaid-style flip. Image source Gabby Witbane.
Teach the Kids Hopscotch
Half the fun of this game is drawing up the hopscotch pattern in chalk on the footpath or driveway and choosing your marker to throw! Once you’ve got these preliminaries sorted getting hopping!
Make a Summer Smoothie
A great way to use up that fruit and berries in the fridge that are just a little past perfect eating! Get the kids involved, throwing in all the healthy stuff you can. And watch in awe as the amazing colours whizz round in the blender.
Rock Painting
This is a two part, indoor/outdoor adventure! First you go out collecting the rocks (smooth, rounded river stones are the best) and then head home, wash them and paint them with acrylic paints. Once finished they look awesome in the garden or displayed on shelves.
Send Postcards to Friends
Long before Instagram it was the postcard that allowed you to instantly boast about your holiday adventures! Even if you aren’t on holidays send friends and family some postcards. In this digital age it’s fun to receive something via snail mail and sending postcards is great for kids’ handwriting, discipline and imagination.
Load up some blankets and pillows and head out to the backyard or balcony to watch the stars. This is a must do if you plan to head to the country and away from the city lights over summer.
Read three books
This is one for mums, dads and kids. Choose three books to read over the summer break. Make the time to sit down in a quiet spot and do nothing but read. If you are looking for summer reading ideas for kids, check out our top 5 list here >>>
Do a family jigsaw puzzle
This is a great tradition. At the beginning of the holidays set a big jigsaw puzzle up on the coffee table. It will remain there for weeks as it gets worked on by your family. It’s amazing how the challenge brings everyone together around the table, sometimes for hours on end and sometimes just a few minutes at a time. Make sure you select a puzzle that is age appropriate for the youngest member of your family.
Keep a Holiday Journal
Record your thoughts and feelings from this summer in a journal. Add photos from your adventures and keepsakes you have collected. You’ll be happy to have these memories written down and captured for future reminiscing.
Spend a Day in your PJs
At least one entire day spent in your pyjamas over the holidays is an absolute must! It’s the day you don’t leave the house, you all relax, the pressure is off. Nothing needs to be done. Image sourced: Monkey Business - Fotolia
Colour In
A one hour colouring session gives your child’s brain much needed breathing space, generating calm while encouraging self regulation and patience. Get the markers and crayons out and join in.
Visit an outdoor cinema
Nothing says summer quite like loading up with pillows, blankets, deck chairs and snacks and heading to your nearest outdoor cinema. Local parks, botanic gardens and city rooftops all host pop up cinemas over summer. Check programs to find the perfect family movie.
Host a Tea Party
Summer is the perfect time to get the kids outside with a blanket, tea set, their favourite teddy bears and dolls and some yummy homemade snacks.
 Go Tech-Free for a Day
Disconnect to reconnect. Lead by example and step away from your own electronic devices. Introduce a family challenge where you turn off the wifi every evening at 6pm or leave everything with a screen in a locked draw for 24 hours. And plan other activities to keep the peeps busy!





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