Top 9 Tiger Tribe Products for Indoor Winter Play

Crafting by the open fire, an extended bath with some favourite toys on a cold afternoon, firing up the oven to make a set of Shrinkies, or a de-camp to a cozy cafe for hot chocolates and some colouring in…  we are all thinking about ways to keep the kids entertained inside, when it’s cold and wet outside.

Absolute lifesavers for the upcoming winter school holidays — here are our top nine Tiger Tribe products for indoor winter play, as selected by our product design team. 

1. Shrinkies

Shrinkies are back! Anyone else remember getting chip and Twistie packets and shrinking them down in an oven to make key rings and earrings? Take a school holiday trip down memory lane with our nostalgic Shrinkies activity sets.

An afternoon crafting with these award-winning sets is the perfect winter school holiday activity, especially with the added warmth of the oven going! Available in two fun designs — each set includes everything you need to make your own shrink art key rings or jewellery. Simply colour the beautifully illustrated designs, cut them out and then watch them magically shrink in the oven to 40% of their original size, right in front of your eyes! And the best bit... as your artwork shrinks the colours become more intense!

Please note adult supervision is required for this activity.


2. Colouring Sets

It’s cold and rainy outside and the kids are looking for something to do. They’ve watched Frozen on an endless loop and spent way too much time on a selection of digital devices. You are looking for something to settle them down and un-plug for at least a few hours.

Why not throw a couple of our portable play Colouring Sets into your bag and head out to your favourite cafe. Order up some delicious hot chocolates and settle in for a cozy colouring session. Opening up one of our Colouring Set boxes forces children to unplug for at least a short while, giving their brain some much-needed breathing space.

3. Postcard Kits

If you’re planning a winter escape these school holidays — make sure you pack our awesome Postcard Kit with you. The perfect activity for a wet and cold inside day, the kit gives kids a valuable opportunity to get off the screens and practice their skills by writing a special handwritten holiday message to friends or family. Never underestimate how much the receiver will value the personal care that has gone into a handmade message.

With 30 postcards in each kit, coloured markers, loads of colouring in, heaps of fun stickers to add an individual touch and a blank space on the back of each card, these kits contain everything you need to create custom-coloured postcards. And once the cards are written, rug up and brave the weather with a walk to post them.

4. Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set

Of course, there comes a time when the inevitable winter crazies set in. The kids become restless, chase each other around the house yelling and squabbling. Cabin fever sets in and they just need to burn off some steam.

And that is the perfect time to break out our Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set — jam-packed with 36 tricky, fun and constructive activities to get kids off the couch and exploring time— and beating it!

From keeping balloons in the air, the blinking challenge, right through to setting the table (yep, there are some helpful chores thrown in too), the Beat the Clock Challenge Book is FILLED with fun time-based activities that will delight and entertain. Great for solo play or with friends, test your skills and reflexes against time and then record the results with this innovative activity set.

5. How to Draw

The winter school holidays are a time when families seek out new adventures and an escape from the daily routine. Unfortunately, sometimes family holidays can be challenging. Especially the travelling bit. Road-trip, plane flight or airport departure lounge — as parents we are always looking for ways to keep kids occupied, ideally with something that involves genuine engagement and that also offers an unplugged screen alternative.

Our How to Draw kits are perfect for travel. Compact enough to throw into your handbag or carry on luggage and small enough to easily use on an aeroplane food tray or in the back seat of a car — these kits are completely self-contained in a magnetic box so nothing gets lost or rolls away. Kids stay focused while learning a new skill, as the kit takes them through simple step-by-step diagrams to help make drawing easy. Where to start, how to create shapes and to connect the lines… kids will be creating multiple mini masterpieces in no time.

6. Bath Stories

Is there any better way to warm up on a cold, dark winter’s evening than relaxing in a soothing bubble bath? So often we race our kids through this part of their day, keen to get them clean and ready for bed or dinner. But it’s school holidays! Why not view the bath as a time to help your child wind down and relax. Select a quality kid-friendly bubble bath and encourage them to enjoy the soothing warmth of the water while they immerse themselves with a bit of bath time story telling with our super fun Bath Stories.

Gorgeously illustrated, these large format, bath time puzzles are made from EVA foam and easily stick to the side of the bath or surrounding tiles. Designed to mix and match, kids are encouraged to create their own imaginative stories with the bath characters… will the pirates find the treasure at the bottom of the sea (AKA bath)? Help the mermaids race the turtles and seahorses through the bubbles!

7. Paper Dolls Kit

Would it surprise you to know that paper dolls have been keeping kids entertained for more than 200 years?

Colouring, cutting, assembling and folding — paper dolls are a superb way for children to practise their fine motor skills and engage in imaginative role play. And on a cold dreary day when it’s too wet to go outside, our Paper Dolls Kit will take them on an imaginative journey instead — perhaps a princess in a beautiful gown or a hardworking nurse in her vintage uniform of red, white and blue. Dress up a hula girl and dream of Hawaii or maybe a funny lion? The simple pleasure of paper dolls and imagination — the perfect combo for a quiet morning at home.

8. Oodle Doodles

We love the awesome stackable crayons included in our Oodle Doodles sets, making these the best indoor winter play sets for little hands.

The eight brightly coloured, easy-grip crayons are perfect for those early toddler scribbles. Did you know that the more little ones scribble, the more they are able to control the crayon and its movements across the paper. As children learn to control their scribbling, they make a wider variety of purposeful shapes, eventually making all the shapes needed to write the letters of the alphabet. First steps to writing here we come!

Oh and if they get tired of the doodling, the crayons are fun to stack. There are also loads of stickers to decorate the pages with too.

9. Magic Painting

Little folk love to paint. And we love to watch them enjoy some messy creative time…sometimes! But let’s face it, we really don’t like cleaning up the paint, the brushes, the knocked over painty water pot…  and it can be even more tricky at a school holiday sleepover at Grandma’s house.

Our Magic Painting World is the ultimate take anywhere, mess free painting kit. Simply fill the magic paintbrush with water and reveal the beautiful illustrations, brought to life with every brushstroke. And then, let the paintings dry and the picture turns back to white, all ready to be revealed the next time you paint with water.

Each illustration board also comes with a list of fun things to find and count in the painting. But you better be quick before everything goes back to white and then you can start all over again. Grandma will think you are truly magical!

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